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The aims of the charity TAKE CARE OF YOU are:

To look after patients who have been treated for cancer of all types, as well as their children and partner, and give them the chance to rebuild their lives physically and mentally.

In order to facilitate this rebuilding, we arrange workshops on oncology aesthetics, makeovers, discussion of issues, writing, cooking, nutrition, creative arts, dance, music and fitness.

We work with wig suppliers, hairdressers and wide range of other partners. The workshops help to restore confidence and self-esteem. They are run by professionals such as beauty therapists and wig consultants who visit oncology departments in a calm location where help is provided to discuss problems and find solutions.

In summary, the workshops enable patients and their families progressively to improve their state of mind and well-being and take back their lives.

We offer patients whatever support we can so that they no longer feel isolated and help answer their questions.

We also wish to support research by contributing to various programmes with researchers in order to improve treatments and reduce recurrences.