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After two long years of reflection, meetings and preparation, the charity ‘TAKE CARE OF YOU’ was born out of a beautiful dream and heartfelt desire.

“The wonderful thing about embarking on a Life Project that takes you out of yourself is that it can make you so happy!

Jean-Marc Legaz, Nancy Legaz, Pascal and Nancy Dechamps, Mandy Cambrelin and Frédérique Delmonte wanted to create a ‘Project for a good cause’. A programme that would enable patients progressively to rebuild their lives through oncology aesthetics, artistic, cultural, music, nutrition and sports workshops and raise money to support patients and their close family (children and partner). As well as for research into the factors that cause a recurrence in some patients, adults and children, who develop a second cancer. They wanted to work together to develop a national strategy for patients and their helpers in order to provide them with better financial support.